Rugs Built for Living

Here at Boundless, we are laser-focused on designing rugs that are easy to maintain, and totally wonderful to walk on. We know not everyone is at the point in their life where buying a piece of art to put on their floors makes a ton of sense. Our 1/2 inch nylon pile (that’s the fuzzy part of the rug) is the perfect length for most homes, offering the right combination of easy care and super soft feel.

The Front

To make our rugs both high quality and affordable, we use super soft and highly resilient nylon pile the same sturdy fiber used in many hotel and airport carpets. It’s made to withstand foot traffic, as well as the mess that accompanies toddlers, house parties and puppies. And speaking of puppies, nylon is shed resistant, so you may have to clean up after your fur baby, but not your rug

The Back

For the rugs’ foundation, we picked a polypropylene backing with latex adhesive. While we love natural fibers for anything you can thoroughly wash, that just isn’t rugs. Backings made from jute and other natural materials are very difficult to get clean, so they hold onto all that dust, spilled beer, food (or worse). Ew.
Our rugs are bulky enough that you can get away without a rug pad in most cases. 

Rugs are a big deal. They have the highest impact on the personality of a space, and they’re a big enough purchase that you want to get it right the first time. I started Boundless because I felt everyone should be able to create a place that shows off their unique style and makes them feel awesome to be home.

Maddy Karolian, Founder

We are excited and proud to make our rugs in the USA. It means we know what working conditions are like for our employees and can get rugs to our customers as quickly as possible. To keep our rugs affordable, we use a combination of high tech machines and awesome people to craft every single one.