Go Round with Bound(less)

Boundless can make almost any sized custom round and oval rugs! Rounded edges in a smaller room can make the space seem limitless. Rounded rugs look perfect under circular dining or coffee tables, and can add a fun element to an otherwise minimally designed room. Round rugs can also compliment other visual focal points in the space, such as a round clock or piece of art.

Some designs look better than others when rounded out, so feel free to email us at help@boundlessrugs.com if you’d like to run a design question by us! We would be happy to help.

Suggested Patterns for Round

Unsure What Size?

Round rugs can be made up to 12 feet in diameter. For rug sizing in your specific room, you want every piece of furniture in the space to touch the rug. If you’re putting it under a circular dining table, it should be large enough that the chairs are still able to fit on it when you pull them out to sit.

How To Order Cornerless

Pricing is based on the height and width, as if it was rectangular. Leave a note in the comments during checkout if you want to go rounded. If you want a perfectly round rug, put X’ x X’. If you want it oval shaped, put it as X’ x Y’. You’ll be able to see what the pattern and size look like when we send you a mock-up of your order!