Under the Rug: Eleanor

Shown in Navy

We had been doing some serious crushing on etching inspired wallpapers. They perfectly toe the line between whimsy and sophistication, which is how I generally try to live my life. Fornasetti was the master of this, using trees, clouds and other motifs in monochromatic palettes, but SO much texture.

We thought these looks were so fun on walls and ceilings, that we had to give our customers an amazing option for their floors.

We started looking for art that we could use for our rug. It needed to have a big enough area of our graphic and enough detail to make our rug look amazing. Fortunately, the work of many old school engravers is now in the public domain and amazing institutions have made high resolution copies available online. We found that there have been a lot of dudes named Jan who have etched landscapes, some of whom were more detail oriented than others.

We honed in on Etienne Baudet’s gorgeous collection of engravings that were based on the Greek mythological landscape paintings by Nicolas Poussin. The tree in Landscape with a man washing his feet at a fountain (1701) was looking especially awesome with highlights and lowlights galore, and became the source for Eleanor’s lush foliage.

Transformation from painting to etching to design file to rug.